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Fitness and nutrition should be looked at as more than just losing pounds and inches. It’s a microcosm of LIFE! Lets face it, we all want to look and feel our very best, but our goals should be shifted more towards developing a "grounded" state of wellbeing. When we're "grounded" that means we're balanced, and being balanced gives us the mental and physical edge to overcome life's most difficult hurdles.

Channeling our positive energy towards developing a stronger state of mental and physical discipline is what separates the pretenders from the contenders. Remember, winning the weight loss battle isn't just about what the bathroom scale says every morning. Instead, it's about what the person staring back at you in the mirror says every night! That's why fitness and nutrition should never be looked at as a fad, phase, or diet, but instead, a lifestyle! So, begin coaching yourself from the inside-out, and always remember no matter what your age or skill level, that it's never too late to begin or too early to start!

Our Fitness Studio
- Private and Accomodating -

At Chad Pines Personal Training Studio, we take pride in keeping our private training studio spotlessly clean and sanitary. Every inch of our studio is thoroughly sanitized to provide a healthy workout environment for everyone. The layout of our studio is carefully planned to make workouts effective and enjoyable for our clients of all ages. Our studio is easily accessible and designed to be straightforward and uncluttered, making it easier for our clients to focus on their fitness goals in a comfortable and safe setting.


As a highly sought after private personal trainer and fitness expert, Chad meets individually with hundreds of clients on a monthly basis. He works one-on-one with each client putting them through body sculpting, fat burning, & functional workouts geared towards attaining and maintaining long-term healthy lifestyle goals. He has a diverse clientele that includes: professional athletes, models, doctors, nurses, business executives, and stay-at-home moms - to name a few.

Chad has made numerous appearances on QVC with his own products and as a fitness expert for The Total Gym. In addition, Chad has been featured in Exercise for Men Only Magazine as one of America's top fitness trainers and was the host & fitness expert for ONE GYM's 30 minute infomercial, which was nominated by the Electronic Retail Association as one of 2005's best new products.

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