Personal Trainer and Private Training Studio

Looking for an experienced certified personal trainer who can help you reach your health and fitness goals on your terms? Looking for a gym where you can work out privately - without distractions or judgment? Welcome to Chad Pines Personal Training Studio! Here, you'll enjoy...

- Personalized -

Workouts are designed around your individual needs to help you reach your goals at a pace that works for you. Whether you’re looking to push hard or just stay in shape, you’ll get the right workout and the right amount of motivation from a renowned ACE-certified personal trainer.

- Private -

Ditch the crowd and enjoy total privacy at our spacious, fully-equipped fitness studio, conveniently located on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. It’s just you and Chad, your very own personal trainer and wellness coach, focusing on your goals with zero distractions.

- Concierge -

You don’t have to sweat the small stuff here. Forget about setting up or wiping down equipment, figuring out what’s next, or how many reps. We take care of everything, we’re with you at every step, and we help you manage your overall wellness.


- Workouts Designed for -


Personal Training for Professionals

Discover efficient, results-driven workouts tailored for busy professionals. Experience the power of fitness that aligns with your dynamic lifestyle.


Personal Training for Student Athletes

Unlock your athletic prowess with tailored personal training programs that maximize performance and minimize injury risks. Experience a transformative approach to fitness that elevates your game.


Personal Training for Seniors

Sustain your strength and stamina safely. Our programs are designed to promote fitness without the risk of overexertion or injury, catering specifically to seniors.


Personal Training for Moms

Energize your routine with workouts crafted to uplift and invigorate. Designed for moms, these sessions boost energy and enhance overall well-being.


Personal Training for Business Owners

Elevate performance for yourself or your team with training designed to boost energy and sharpen focus. Experience the benefits of fitness tailored for business professionals.


Personal Training for Retirees

Enhance your retirement experience with a fitness routine that keeps you agile and mentally sharp. Enjoy a fulfilling, active lifestyle tailored to your needs.

Fitness and nutrition isn’t just about
losing pounds or staying in shape.

It’s a lifestyle choice
that helps you to be the best version of yourself;
physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your Own Private Personal Trainer

Chad Pines Personal Training Studio is a unique one-on-one personal training studio - not a gym. Our focus is on you, the individual - not the masses. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student-athlete, a retiree, or somewhere in between, you deserve a personal fitness program that is truly personal. Here, you’ll enjoy fully customized workouts that account for your physical condition, goals, motivation, and much more. And you’ll enjoy them in a clean, open, fully-equipped private training studio while being guided every step of the way.

Our one-on-one atmosphere provides private, individualized instruction, allowing our clients to feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also helps to ensure proper technique and safety. Plus, everything is monitored and tracked to help you achieve your goals. So whether you’re seeking a total body transformation or want to stay in shape, you’ll get the attention and expertise you deserve!

Each training session is by appointment, and includes total body strength training and cardiovascular interval program. Using innovative and creative techniques, your workouts will always feel fresh, challenging, and stress-relieving. If you're looking for the best personal trainer in Central Pennsylvania, including personal trainer personal trainer Harrisburg, PA, personal trainer Camp Hill, PA, personal trainer Carlisle, PA, personal trainer Mechanicsburg, PA or personal trainer Hershey, PA, then Chad Pines and our team the Chad Pines Personal Training Studio is the place for you! Contact us to learn more about signing up with us.

White Glove Treatment

While you’re here, forget about everything. All of it. Just focus on you. When you workout at Chad Pines Personal Training Studio, you won’t need to figure out which exercises to do, or how to do them properly, or how many reps. You don’t even need to set up equipment or wipe it down after you use it. Everything is done for you, and you’re guided every step of the way. When you’re here, it’s all about you.

  • Cardio Training
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility
  • Overall Health and Fitness

30-Minute One-On-One
Personal Training

$50 per Session
  • No Contracts
  • Personalized Workouts
  • Cardio & Strength Training
  • Private Studio
  • Concierge Fitness

50-Minute One-On-One
Pilates Reformer Session

$55 per Session
  • No Contracts
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Focus on Strength & Flexibility
  • Private Studio
  • Concierge Fitness

Meet Chad Pines
- Certified Personal Trainer -

As a highly sought after private personal trainer and fitness expert, Chad meets individually with hundreds of clients on a monthly basis. He works one-on-one with each client putting them through body sculpting, fat burning, & functional workouts geared towards attaining and maintaining long-term healthy lifestyle goals. He has a diverse clientele that includes: professional athletes, models, doctors, nurses, business executives, and stay-at-home moms - to name a few.

Chad has made numerous appearances on QVC with his own products and as a fitness expert for The Total Gym. In addition, Chad has been featured in Exercise for Men Only Magazine as one of America's top fitness trainers and was the host & fitness expert for ONE GYM's 30 minute infomercial, which was nominated by the Electronic Retail Association as one of 2005's best new products.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer - Mechanicsburg PA