Local Fitness Consultant Making National Headlines
By Debbie Campbell, Sentinel Correspondent
November 30, 2003

Whether it is in the bookstore, on TV or on magazine covers, health and fitness are popular news topics these days. New Cumberland businessman Chad Pines' life is focused on making the most of his own health and helping others do the same. He is president of Pines Fitness Consulting LLC as a personal trainer. He helps his clients to achieve their goals of living healthier lifestyles.

"I started my business 4 _ years ago," Pines says. "Fitness was always something at the top of my priority list, and I'm an entrepreneurial person, so I said, "I'm going to take my shot, because this is my true love and passion."

Taking the leap
Pines has had an interest in physical fitness all his life.

"It was something that I always enjoyed," he says. "Growing up watching my dad lift weights in the garage upstairs, being able to workout with him, going to the YMCA. It always intrigued me."

Pines played sports throughout school, eventually earning a wrestling scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating college with adegree in education with a concentration in Psychology, Pines taught for two years and coached wrestling for a year.

While he enjoyed teaching, he wanted to become more intensely involved in the health and fitness field.

"I had started personal training right out of college, and I was running the strength and conditioning program at the high school, and just said, "I'm going to go and do this full time."

What he does
People come to Pines for a variety of reasons.

"The reason people come to me as a trainer is to get information, get a plan. I'm going to provide that service through techniques, motivation and accountability," he says. "It's just like going to a financial advisor if you want to invest.

"The initial session is just sitting down and saying, "What do you want to work out for? What are your goals?" Pines makes it clear not all of his clients come to him because they need to lose weight.

"Maybe their bones ache and they want strength. Or rehab from an injury. Or it's just a matter of wanting to feel good," he says. "They need somebody to show them. If you go into a gym, you need to know what each machine does and how to do it correctly so you don't injure yourself.

"I find out what they need to do with me and what they need to do on their own, and I make a plan."

Once they determine a course of action, the way he carries out the plan varies from client to client.

"I've had clients that I'll put through workouts and show then the ropes and give them a plan, and they go out and keep going on their own," Pines says. "I've had clients that I train two to three times a week for the past five years. Everybody's different.

"I probably do training one-on-one about eight sessions a day, just taking them through their workouts. I train everybody from stay-at-home moms, to doctors, to nurses, to high school athletes."

One happy customer
Liz Valk of Mechanisburg has trained with Pines for a little over three years. Her goal in training with Pines was for overall fitness.

She wanted "better muscle definition, good form and making sure I'm doing things properly."

Valk says she started working with Pines after watching him work where she was taking a kick-boxing course.

"I watched him work with other people," she says. "I just decided that I would try to use someone's professional techniques, take advantage of his knowledge."
Valk is glad that she decided to contact Pines.

"I have been impressed and inspired by his personal dedication and determination to mental and physical wellbeing," she says. "So many people consider themselves trainers, and they themselves don't have the knowledge, and don't live it. Chad works out regularly, and in his diet and nutrition and commitment, is taking care of himself internally as well as externally."

Valk appreciates the way Pines brings that commitment to his clients.

"He does a complete body workout, and he works at teaching you to get the most out of your time invested," she says. "He guides you through the entire workout. He is totally focused on you and what you're trying to accomplish."

Fitness is for everybody
Pines believes fitness is an integral part of a complete life.

"I get a lot of clients coming to me after they go to the doctors at 50 plus years old, saying "What happened?" he says. "You just sit behind a desk for 30 years, the next thing you know, your blood pressure is high, and you have diabetes."

Pines notices a lot of people who let atrophy go into their muscles because of lack of use.

"The only way to diminish those effects is by strength training," he says. "I tell people that you have to have balance – with your relationships, your family, in your career and in your health. Everybody should be involved in some sort of fitness training."

Aiming for a broader audience
Pines is working to expand Pines Fitness Consulting in a variety of different ways. He was featured in the April 2003 issue of MuscleMag magazine for a set of instructional workout CDs he created, "The Total Fitness Package."

He and his wife designed a 30-minute workout video, "Chad & Jenny's Shape & Tone Together," and promoted it on QVC in January.

Pines has a multi-page spread in the January 2004 issue of Exercise for Men Only.

"I contacted the editor because I enjoy his magazine," Pines explains. "I told him a little background on me, and he said, "You sound like somebody we'd really like to do an article on."

"The way we're trying to take the business is not only the one-on-one training, but trying to find out different ways that we can reach a broader audience."

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