View fitness as marathon (not sprint)
By Lynn Gourley Karl (For the Patriot-News)
January 20, 2004

Getting – and staying – fit requires firm resolve, something that often begins to wane a few weeks into a new year. Each January, losing weight and gaining fitness ranks as one of the top resolutions, yet it's also one of the first to be abandoned.

Local fitness guru Chad Pines says that's because "people look at exercise as a sprint versus a marathon. They start out like a ball of fire but two to three weeks into it, they are unprepared mentally because they want instant results." Pines, a certified fitness and nutrition consultant, says, "You have to view it as a lifestyle change. Consistency will garner more success. Once you get out of a routine, it's like starting all over.

That's why personal training is popular, noted the New Cumberland man. "People need someone to maintain accountability."

Others, he believes, want to be pushed to a higher level thank they push themselves.

Dr. Leslie Packer, 50, a mid state anesthesiologist, says he exercises for those reasons and more. Physical fitness and anti-aging are two top motivators. He lifts weight and does cardio workouts several times a week and meets with Pines every Saturday morning for a cardio/weight session.

Packer views working with a personal trainer as a way to maximize his time and efficiency.

A former high school and college athlete who owns Pines Fitness Consulting LLC, the 32-year old devotee to healthy living knows firsthand how it feels to achieve success from hard work. During the last two years, Pines and his wife, Jenny, have appeared several times on QVC to promote fitness programs they created, including the video "Chad & Jenny's Shape & Tone Together." The video was listed in the July 2003 edition of MuscleMag as one of the top new fitness products.

Pines also is featured in a multi-page photo layout in this month's Exercise for Men Only. His magazine appearances have brought him fitness-related e-mails from throughout the nation.

He is in discussions with Los Angeles-based track and field Olympians Quincy Watts and Johnny Gray for the promotion of their product, Neotone, a new bodysuit, made of Neoprene and Lycra and worn underneath workout attire. It helps to speed the metabolic process and keeps muscles warmer, noted Pines, who is working to get the product on a home shopping show.

For more information on fitness-related topics, contact Chad Pines at

Action Plan
In order to stay focused on your goals, personal trainer Chad Pines suggests that you:

  • Meet with a health and fitness professional and develop a strategy/ plan.
  • Maintain weekly visits for four to six months so your plan becomes habit.
  • Don't be discouraged with early muscle soreness and fatigue. "Today's soreness is tomorrow's building block for stronger muscles and bones."

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