Chad Pines --- Nothing Can Stop His Rise to the Top
by Kerry Sweeny, Exercise for Men Magazine
January 2004

Following a 15-year love with the iron, Chad Pines has finally transformed his muscle-building passion into his profession. Best of all, this Pennsylvania-based personal trainer's contagious positive attitude helps to motivate other people both inside and out of the gym.

"I started weight training in the eighth grade with my father to get in better shape for sports, and because I enjoyed it." Chad explains. "My father has always been into lifting weights, so working out has been a really big part of my life from very early on." After a successful high school and college career in wrestling, a back injury forced him to give up the sport for good. Following his recovery, Chad started to take weight training more seriously. Since then, his will to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to help others do the same has been the driving force in his life. "Being in shape and in top condition is a must for my job," he contends. "I'm my best form of advertisement! I believe strongly in practicing what I preach, so I must be willing to do the same things I'm asking my clients to do."

Chad is the president of Pines Fitness Consulting, LLC, his self owned personal training company in New Cumberland, PA. He spends half of his time training clients in the gym and half in their own homes. "I schedule a couple hundred personal training sessions on a monthly basis," he says. Chad's clients include business executives, doctors, nurses, and housewives. In addition, wrestlers, track athletes and baseball, basketball and football players at the high school and collegiate level also train with this fitness expert. "I've worked out with Kyle Brady, starting NFL tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars, through high school, college and the pros," he says. "He's one of my best friends and we continue to work out together when he's home in the off season."

Being drug free is extremely important in Chad's line of work, and especially in his own progress. "How can I, as a positive health and fitness consultant, say this is what I want you to do – but I'm going to buck the system by sticking a needle in my butt?" he asks. "I'd feel like I was living a lie. It would be like hitting 80 home runs in a season, while using a juiced bat. I'm not here to judge, I just know it's not for my clients or for me!"

But sculpting solid muscles isn't all this training buff knows how to do. Chad realizes that to be healthy and successful both in the gym and in everyday life, you have to improve your mind as much as your physique. Always eager to lead by example, Chad uses his positive energy and motivation to his clients how to make the most of their sessions with him. He enlightens his charges with his own training philosophy: "Exercise is about developing a mind and body synergy – making you feel good on the outside. Exercise instills discipline, motivation and strength, which carry over into all areas of life."

Chad is the person he is today thanks to his hard work and inspiration from others. His parents gratefully influenced his overall outlook on life and a career path by teaching him discipline and a serious work ethic, allowing him to get all he wants from life. He aspires to be like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. "These guys are positive role models who work hard to get the best out of their metal and physical abilities," he explains.

Not only does this expert have undergraduate degrees in education and psychology, he is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritional Consultant through the American Aerobics Association International and the International Sports Medicine Association, respectively.

Chad stands 5-9 and weighs 185 lbs., but trims down to 170 for photo and video promotions. He completes four days of strength training per week at Woody's Workout in Camp Hill, Pa. On Sunday, Chad pumps his legs with squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg curls and leg presses. His all-out leg workout usually lasts 45 minutes. "I do this workout every Sunday morning with my wife, Jenny," he says. "We really push each other!"

Monday and Friday consists of an intense two-part upper body workout. First, Chad exhausts his chest, shoulders and back over the course of a half-hour. The second part of this workout includes 20 minutes working on his biceps and triceps. On Wednesday, This muscleman energizes his legs (again), bi's and tri's. For the first 30 minutes he bangs out set after set of squats, legs, curls, leg extensions and lunges. The next 20 minutes are dedicated to various exercises to pump his biceps and triceps. Cardio training is done on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Chad does 20 vigorous minutes of interval training, split between the treadmill, bike and sprints. To finish up, he also chisels his calves and abs – all in under an hour.

"I do two sets of each exercise, one set in the 20-30 reps allows me to tax the fast-, intermediate-, and slow-twitch muscle fibers plus it gives me an awesome pump. I do a set in the 8-10 rep range so I can use heavier weights to work on explosiveness and power."

Chad is no slouch in the area of nutrition, either. Starting at bright and early at 7:30a.m., he eats one piece of stone-ground whole wheat bread, 40 grams of whey protein and two tablespoons of low fat peanut butter. At 10, the menu features one cup of lowfat cottage cheese mixed with nonfat blueberry yogurt. For lunch Chad enjoys two chicken breasts and salad with olive oil. For a snack, he has more whey protein mixed into skim milk. Dinner consists of 4-6 oz of chicken, filet mignon, salmon or tuna, one cup of fresh fruit and more salad with olive oil. He finishes up the day with one more protein drink. To cut down for a photo shoot, he prefers ephedra-free Hydroxycut or Xenadrine-EFX.

Not only is Chad a reputable personal trainer, he and his wife have created a home exercise video – Chad & Jenny's Shape & Tone Together – that has been sold on QVC. He also made three audio exercise programs. His company develops and sells fitness equipment to high school wrestling teams, Aetna, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, and both the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers.

Whether you are interested in workout videos, hitting the gym or perfecting sports performance, Chad Pines is the guy to call. Not only is he an expert in the fitness world, he brings the added bonus of a positive attitude and great motivation to the iron classroom.

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